Alex Karani

You as a player: I am naturally a forward, winger to be specific, because of my speed which is one of my key attributes and passing ability. I have also developed some skills over the years to play as a full back. I have good endurance and stamina. I like to run at defenders and create chances for my team and score goals whenever I can. Mentally and physically, I am fully focused and ready to learn from my coaches in order to improve my game and become a better player.

Nationality: Kenyan

DOB: 3/27/1998

Previous Clubs: Ligi Ndogo SC- Kenya
RTA Football- Kenya
Phoenix FC- Kenya

Current Clubs: Unity FC- Reading
Reading University

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: GCSE, A Level

Position: RB, RM, LM, FW

Football Reference: Malcom Peters

Football Reference Number:

Character Reference: Doreen Murimi

Character Reference Number: 0722157151

Trials: Trial at Stockport- Sunday 19th March, 2017.

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