Anthony Mira


You as a player: I'm a 6"2 goalkeeper, I'm always Hard working, I have got strong character, determined, passionate, I always play to win everytime, loud when talking to the players, confident in what I do, do as much as I can to help the team and also focus on me as well. Losing gets to me because it's a bad feeling that I don't like but I get a chance to see where I can improve, I'm always looking to improve and get better

Nationality: English

DOB: 8/2/1997

Previous Clubs: 

Elite schools (college)
Wavertree athletic (Christian league)

Current Clubs: 

Targett (Christian league)

Drivers License: No

Checkbox: GCSE, BTEC

Position: GK

Twitter: Anthony_Mira14

Football Reference: Tim Craig

Football Reference Number: 07717765270

Character Reference: Laura Knibb

Character Reference Number: 07557791255

Trials: 28th September 2014
4th April 2016

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