Benjamin Davies-Ciric

Football is what lights my fire physically and emotionally and has been the case since I played for a team at the age of 12 and has stayed with me to this day. I would consider my strengths as a player to be as follows:

• passing and receiving the ball
• excellent first touch
• good shooting technique with left and right foot/ good placement of the ball
• great at crossing the ball
• strong on and off the ball
• good dribbling technique
• good pace
• physically strong and high level of fitness
• live a healthy lifestyle
• always stay focused
• eager to learn with an open mind
• I believe there is always more to learn every time I play/ train to make me a better player
• good understanding/ vision of the game
• always want to be on the ball
• making good on ball decisions
• good team player
• encouraging players during training and matches

I have an extremely positive and enthusiastic attitude, I am self motivating and can keep my head in all scenarios in the game. I believe that pursuing my love of football and enhancing my skills as a player with students of a like mind will bring out the best in me. I would welcome the opportunity to share with others as part of team the talent I believe I possess.

SAT Result:

Nationality: English

DOB: 19/5/1998

Previous Clubs: Bromsgrove Sporting U13's
Bromsgrove Sporting U14's
Bromsgrove Sporting U16's
Bromsgrove Sporting U18's
Bromsgrove Sporting U18's Floodlit
Bromsgrove Sporting U21's
Worcester City U19's

Current Clubs: Worcester City Academy Under 21's

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: GCSE

Position: CB, CM, RM

Football Reference: Mark Owen

Football Reference Number: 07946778673

Character Reference: David Jopling

Character Reference Number: 07540500888

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