Ginyce Haywood 

You as a player: I have been playing soccer since the age of three and scored my first three goals in the wrong goal. I have played for many different travel teams at the highest level and I have always been on a team with an older age group. I have always been a player to play the full 90 minutes or the extra minutes that would be added onto the game. As a player I found myself in the center of the field which is why I took on the position to be a center midfielder. When the ball is on my foot you can't deny that I play with so much passion. I am able to control the game. I see myself more as an attacking player because I love the thrill at dribbling at players and shooting the ball in the appropriate corners of the goal. I tend to lead by example and when you watch me play soccer I would say you watch me tell a story. I look forward to playing outside of the United States so I can learn more about myself as a player and see how much I am capable of.

Nationality : American

Date of Birth: 12/13/1994

Previous Clubs: Celtics, Indy Burn, Laverne Lazers, USAi

Current Clubs: College- I  attend Goshen College

Drivers License: Yes

GCSE Grades: Highest GPA 3.2

SAT Score: Did not take the SAT

School Academics: Undergraduate Degree

Positions: Midfield, Striker





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