Hedi Bensadoun.

About Yourself.
I am a left footed player. I am fast and like tactical play. I like to use my speed to create space and go past opponents. My technical abilities allow me to dribble opponents and keep the ball in tricky situations. Skilled, I am able to make the most of every opportunity I have in front of the goal. I scored a decent amount of goals during my last season and believe I can adapt to any situation after some time. I am a ''clean passer'' and like to play forward. Meanwhile I am still able to keep the game going and create opportunities. I would describe myself as someone dedicated in training, I am always listening to all the advices from the coach and can adapt to a new group quite easily. I am a hard worker who knows that success will only come through hard work and dedication. This is what empowers me to train daily and keep pushing my limit to become the best I can.

Previous Clubs:
 FCO Firminy.
AS Monaco.

Current Clubs: Leaving AS Monaco.

Preferred Position.
Right Midfield, Center Midfield, Forward.



Drivers License.

Football Reference.
Patrice Bodiang.

Football Reference Number.

Character Reference.
Aurelie Maigrat.

Character Reference Number.

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