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 Leah Jackson

You as a player: I currently play on either of the wings and occasionally play in the centre, I find these are a suitable positions for me as my speed allows me to get past the opponent's defence, this means I can can handle a 1v1 and from this either make a cross, pass or take a shot. As I am keeping fit i find i have a short recovery time which means I have a good endurance enabling me to last the full 90 minutes of a game, not only does my endurance enable me to last longer but it also helps my confidence on the ball as I know I have enough reserved energy to take it past the opponent. Another benefit of having this quick recovery time means i am able to sprint back and help my defence when needed, this is when my ability to block and shield the ball comes in.

SAT Result:

Nationality: English

DOB: 16/6/1999

Previous Clubs: St Gabriels High school
Bury College
Bury Fc

Current Clubs: Bury Fc

Drivers License: No

Checkbox: GCSE, BTEC

Position: LM, CM, FW

Twitter: _@leahjackson_

Football Reference: Paul Inaconne

Football Reference Number: 07802669360

Character Reference: Colin Platt

Character Reference Number: 07956401143





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