Name: Lewis Saunders

Me as a player, I see myself as a workhorse in centre midfield, no other player wants the ball more than me and wants to win the ball more than me. I am always the fittest player in what ever team I play for. Cardivasulor insurance is not my only strength, I have am very good technically on the ball, knowing my next pass before I even receive the ball, I like controlling the midfield , dictating the tempo of the game. As a young player I am always looking to improve , taking on information , as much as I can to improve and be the best I can be. When I'm not training in practising on my own , practising my skills, shooting and passing where and whenever I can. Nobody wants to win as much as me. I am a very competitive player but also I'm a team player , I do not let mistakes get me down I'm always focused and never lose my concentration as I think it's key to stay focused at all times. I know how to ping a 40yard ball but I can also switch it up keep it simple and fast , quick 1 , 2 passing up the field. I like keeping the ball as the team and playing it out from the back. I also like picking the ball up from the midfield and driving making assists and scoring goals. I see myself as a playmaker / box to box player.

Nationality: English

DOB: 4/11/1998

Previous Clubs:

 I first starting playing football in the B division when I was 8 years old, scoring over 35 plus goals in my season I soon got scouted by Avon athletic , (A division) side. From here I was offered rovers trials at 12 years old but didn't want to go as I was young and just wanted to enjoy football. At the age of 14 I played in the northern prem for Bristol inner city , on a Saturday county. We then went up to Bolton to play in an u15 tournament against pro teams like Bolton , wolves, Manchester United. We went on to win this tournament 1-0 in the final. I've been in and around Bristol city but never been picked up always been on their radar and still am now, they regularly come to watch me but no further actions.

Current Clubs: Bristol Academy

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: GCSE,

Position: CM

Twitter: lewissaundersss

Football Reference: Martin Horsal

Football Reference Number: 07800845845

Character Reference: Neil Whalen

Character Reference Number: 07811288096

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