Max Dixon

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I am a very brave goalkeeper, who is 100% committed to playing at my highest level, along with continuously working hard off of the pitch, to improve myself as a footballer. When playing I am confident receiving the ball on both feet and then playing it out to my team mates with both feet. I play as a sweeper goalkeeper, which means I am very quick off of my line, to deal with long balls over the defenders, before they get to the opposition's strikers. I have extremely quick reactions, combined with quick feet to allow me to get to most shots. When I have got the ball in my hands, I have good awareness to spot any short passes available for me, failing that I can kick long and accurately. In one on one situations, I am extremely brave and will use my body to block the shots. I am a very vocal player who feels confident communicating with the entire team, to give them information of what is happening in the game. 

SAT Results: 1120

Previous Clubs:

Chelsea Elite Goalkeeper Squad
Ceredigion County

Current Clubs:
Thomas Telford School
Alscott AFC
Shrewsbury Juniors FC

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Football Reference:

Des Lyttle

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Des Lyttle

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