Yannic Engelke

You as a player: The modern goalkeeper is a playmaker, "that's my motto! The notion that a goalie is just goalie, is now a thing of the past, with expectations in that position now being much more than just to parry shots and keep the goal area safe. Thanks to my excellent technique, a good feeling for the ball and my active participation in the game, my teammates, coaches and fans in the past have never had to fear for me just blindly kicking the ball forward or even into touch; instead I read the game and make my decisions in a matter of seconds and depending on the situation, whether a it is a quick transition from defense to attack or build up play out the back and offering myself as an option to for my team mates to shift the ball from side to side, I am always alert. Thanks to my ability to read the game, I have learned to position myself in the right positions, whilst the opposition is in possession of the ball and can often stop their attacks and prevent goal scoring opportunities, which in my current home club, has lead to comparisons to the style of German Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. In my humble opinion, a footballer should not just fight on the pitch during the game or training, but also off the field and give 200% whilst striving for excellence. As much as I rely on my technical ability, It is also imperative for me to work on my physical ability every day. I also display positive features of my mental ability. One of my top priorities is to fully focus on and to monitor the game during the entire time of play. I try to unsettle the opponent with my positive aura and my vocal commands and create the necessary respect or even fear. Thanks to this tactic, attackers are often confused when it comes to 1-on-1 situations. Due to my good reflexes in connection with my decision speed and anticipation I am often the winner in these types of duels. Due to my ambitions to complete my GCSE’s followed by 3 years of an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, as well as lack of time I was never able to play at the highest level. It was definitely not a matter of not possessing the necessary qualities.

Nationality: German

DOB: 10/04/1994

Previous Clubs: 


2000-2010 TSV Höfingen (Junior Academy)

2010-2011 TSV Eltingen (U17) 2011-2014 TSF Ditzingen (U19)

Senior 2014-

now TSV Höfingen (1st team)


2004 Best Goalkeeper (outdoor- tournament)

2013 Best Goalkeeper (indoor-tournament)

2013/2014 District Cup Winner (TSF Ditzingen U19)

2014/2015 Winner “Kreisliga B” (TSV Höfingen 1st team)

Current Clubs: TSV Höfingen

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: "GCSE", A-Level

Position: "GK'

Twitter: YannicEngelke

Football Reference: Pierce Kiembi

Football Reference Number: 447521651566

Character Reference: Hazret Ali Kurucam

Character Reference Number: 4915224785564

Trials: 05/08/2016 Soccer Smart Ltd Manchester Trial at Stockport Sports Village


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