Abdoul Madaraka


You as a player: I like to play box announcing  and pounce on a chance. i like to play accurate passes into the strikers, 
support  strikers both behind the ball and in front of the ball, receiving the ball and turn and then dribble past defenders.
I make quick right decisions in the pitch especially one twos passes
as an midfielder i need to be able to run forever,  love making  runs to create space for other players and run into space. 
I take every shooting chance in a small space, I have a great vision , I can play any position in the pitch where the coach places me with a 100% commitment.

Nationality: Canadian

DOB: 01/02/1996

Previous Clubs: 

 Atham Palace FC

Coventry United

Current Clubs: Mississauga Soccer FC

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: Undergraduate

Position: RB, LF, RM , CM

Twitter: Abimillan

Football Reference : Edwin Greaves

Football Reference Number: 07973 370218

Character Reference: Neail Coach

Character Reference Number: 07796698666

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