Alex Meaney

You as a player: I am a Double Footed (predominantly left) centre midfielder very capable of playing in front of the back 4, or in behind the striker! I have great technically ability alongside good vision to see a pass or a potential play unfolding, coupled with being able to make that pass! I have a good understanding of the game, read and adapt to situations easily, positionally I know where I need to be in relation to play going on around me. My work ethic is always positive and my intensity is high! Whilst at the same time being composed on the ball under pressure.
I have a hunger to score goals and get from box to box in order to do so. My set pieces are a strong point for me as I have a very good delivery from dead ball situations. I believe I'm a natural leader and have a great attitude, pushing my teammates around me in order to squeeze out the best in them. I never give up and play till the last minute. I am gladly not injury prone! 
My fitness levels are naturally good but I'm always looking to get stronger! All in all I live and breath the game and that's my motivation. 

Nationality: English

DOB: 01/12/1993

Previous Clubs: 
Bolton FC, Lancaster City FC, Stockport County, Curzon Ashton, Nantwich Town, Skelmersdale United

Current Clubs: Ramsbottom United

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: GCSE, BTEC

Position: CM, LM, CF

Football Reference: Wayne Goodison

Football Reference Number: 07939174215

Character Reference: Mark Ormrod

Character Reference Number: 07948380768

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