You as a player: Alfie has superb technical abilities with a sublime touch and  is supremely fit (a former cross country champion in his teenage years); he is equally comfortable attacking, with clever linkage, or defending and regaining possession.

However what really sets Alfie apart from most, good players is his ability to pull the strings and control a game; his creative vision, his footballing intelligence, his 360° spatial awareness and his appreciation of his teammates (and opposition). As a result, Alfie not only creates time and space for himself but for his teammates, whether he has the ball at his feet or with his penetrating passes or piercing run’s to open up the pitch and liberate others. 

Alfie always appears poised, perfectly balanced and in control and has an incredible work rate; he acts as a fulcrum for his players, he knits a team together and, as a result, makes his team greater than the sum of its parts.  Essential and invaluable!"

I am naturally right  footed but I am comfortable with my left. I like to be on the ball and control the tempo of the game. I enjoy receiving the ball on the half turn and I am always very aware of where my first touch is going. I pride myself on my fitness levels.  I enjoy taking set pieces and I have been the nominated  penalty taker for most of my past teams. I have very close control as a result of frequent practice from a very young age and  good use of skills, such as step overs. These factors  allows me to win a lot of free kicks. I consistently get over 10 goals a season  and I am a very composed finisher.

I am fast on and off the ball and not afraid to fully commit to (standing or slide) tackles and be physically robust against taller and stockier players. My lower centre of gravity provides me with strength and a solid base. I have always been a good header of a football, often winning headers from goal kicks and corners.

I have a very good footballing brain and enjoy learning new tactical insights. I have had a great connection with my twin brother over the years whilst playing with him and we love dong intricate  interplay moves. Defensively, I am always switched on and never just focused on the ball. I am always acutely aware of what is going on around me and I am very good at absorbing information from all areas of the pitch and analysing situations quickly. This, combined with my ethos of hard work, means that I am often described as being ‘in the right areas at the right time’, both offensively and defensively.

I  have a great  attitude in games, I am naturally competitive and always battle for the win. I am  very encouraging to my teammates but not afraid to tell them if they are slacking. I am a very resilient and versatile player and have been asked to play winger/striker for a year when I was a young teenager playing with people who were frequently two years older than myself (at an age when it makes a difference). I am equally confident in defence.

Nationality:  British

DOB: 6/19/1997

Previous Clubs: Holmes Chapel Hurricanes
Trials at Crewe Alexandra academy (when 12).
Tarvin Athletic
Egerton Football Club (competed in North West Youth Alliance after the age of 16 as well as making appearances for the first team).
Congleton Vale (mens first team).
Zeeburgia (whilst I was studying in the Netherlands, could not commit to the first team because of my studies so I played for the second team).
Played multiple times for Cheshire FA playing the likes of Greater Manchester, Lancashire, West Yorkshire and Merseyside when I was 18.
School team during high school.
AUC team (my university).

Current Clubs: AFC Liverpool


GCSE: A* - History, Biology, Maths, Chemistry, English Language, Spanish and A - French, Graphics, English Literature.

AS Level: B - Spanish.

A Level: A - History, B - Biology, C - Maths.

Amsterdam University College: Bachelor Liberal Arts and Sciences (Social Science, Cognition) 

Drivers License: Yes

Position:  CM

Football Reference: Daniel Bussey

Football Reference Number: 7836607216

Character Reference: Carol Sullivan

Character Reference Number: 7977598728

Alfie Gyurkovits