You as a player: I always considered soccer a serious responsibility. In the recent years I have worked a lot and made many sacrifices to become a more complete soccer player. I am sure that University can facilitate my sport growth and be a decisive step in my path, since I will be able to know a stimulating and very professional environment. I focus on my ambition to become a professional, but at the same time I would like to get a degree.

My best behavioral attitude is to focus on maximizing my potential, and this is mindset that pushes me to improve myself and makes me feel ready to compete in a important league.

In my career I reached the fifth Italian Football League, semi-professional league in Italy. Differently, at the youth level I participated in the regional leagues.
I consider myself an Attacking Midfielder and I am also able to play in different offensive positions, as I am a altruistic player and able to manage different game circumstances. I can propose many solution to the team-mate in possession of ball. I have a good vision and a good reading of the action, skill that helps me to decide in which area of the field to move me.

In technical terms, I prefer the use of the right foot, but over the years I have trained a lot to learn to use my left foot and now I am ambidextrous, and this ability will allow me to become a very important player for the team. A feature of my game style is the one-touch play, useful for speeding up the action.

My character is quite sociable and I am very helpful to the criticism and advice of the coach and staff. I am able to communicate my discipline to teammates. During the game I think only of my contribution to the team and I am not affected by external factors.

SAT Result: 1100

Nationality: Italian

DOB: 5/9/1998

Previous Clubs: A.C. Brugherio Calcio
G.S.D. La Spezia
A.C. Cinisello

Current Clubs: A.S.D. Real Milano
Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: GCSE

Position:  RM, LM, CM, FW

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Andrea Dognini