You as a player: I have tremendous vision of the field, I would rather pass first than dribble, teamwork comes a long way, I put my team first I give 110% every game. If someone has a better scoring opportunity then I will pass the ball to them, but I am as well an excellent finisher I am not afraid to shoot the ball, I have great pace and endurance. My first touch is superb and takes me where I want to go. I am not afraid to get stuck in to every challenge and I don't back down from balls in the air as well. I'm simple on the field yet creative on the ball!

Nationality:  American

DOB: 12/17/1998

Previous Clubs: Florida Kraze- Black u19
Current Clubs: Free Agent
Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position:  FW, CM, RB

Football Reference: Jeff Johnson

Football Reference Number: 4076872420

Character Reference: Tim Waisanen 

Character Reference Number: 4073109590

Angel Moulton