Antonio Sanchez Campos

You as a player: I'd say I have good technique. At tactical level, I am very organised and understand all the coach wants from me. With the ball at my feet, I like dribbling and enjoy, moreover I play the ball as the game require( I mean, I know when I have to play first touch or when I have to keep the ball in order the team to breath and rest). I do not refuse the fight with opponents although they look bigger or stronger, in fact, it motivates me. I love scoring goals, as I am striker but I have no inconvenient on giving the last pass if a mate is in a better position.

Nationality: SPANISH

DOB: 3/11/1993

Previous Clubs: 10-11 years old - Real Madrid C.F
12-16 F.C. Cartagena
16-17 E.F. Ciudad Jardin

Current Clubs: 17-18 years old - C.D. Bala Azul (spanish 3rd Division)
19 universitet warszawski (Poland)
20 La unión C.F. ( spanish 3rd Division)
21 C.D. Minera (spanish 3rd Division)
22 C.D. Algar ( spanish 3rd Division)

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: A Level

Position: FW

Twitter: antoniosaanchez

Football Reference: José Pérez

Football Reference Number: N/A

Character Reference: Cristóbal Martínez

Character Reference Number: N/A

Trials: N/A

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