Ashley Knowles

You as a player:

I am a ball playing midfielder, that has a variety of short and long passes in my locker. I also do the hard work off the ball and make challenges when ever I can and put players under as much pressure as possible. I can play as a CAM or a CDM, as I've got a good range of attributes that makes feel comfortable playing both positions. For my height I am a quick player over a long distance and use this to power past people when I'm playing a match or in training. I'm a simple but effective player as I hardly ever loose the ball and pride myself on having a good winning mentality. Finally as a player I see myself as a passionate player and give 110% every time I go onto the pitch and work hard for my teammates so we can win the game.

Nationality: British

DOB: 4/10/1997

Previous Clubs: Blackburn rovers
Oldham athletic
Altrincham F.C

Current Clubs: Stockport County

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: GCSE, BTEC

Position: CB, RM, CM

Football Reference: Alan Lord

Football Reference Number: 0009999

Character Reference: Alan Lord

Character Reference Number: 0009999



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