Ashnie Harvey

You as a player: I really enjoy playing football, I have always been very passionate about the sport from being 4 years old when I started playing. I have always been very successful throughout my career and I want to progress with this in another country. 
I always put 110% in to everything I do, I am dedicated to football whether it is on or off the pitch. I am currently playing for 3 football teams and I make it a priority to always attend all training sessions and games, I also commit time to a strict fitness schedule to keep my ability at its peak level.
Working as part of a team keeps me motivated and brings the best out in me. I’m never negative regarding people’s mistakes during games, I try my best to focus on the positives and help people to improve. I am currently playing semi professional and would like to take the next step in my career.

Nationality: English

DOB: 1/31/2001

Previous Clubs: Stockport junior blues 
Cheshire Phoenix 
Signal athletic 
Stockport boys

Current Clubs: Stockport town 
Queens bredbury 
Coaching connexions college football

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: GCSE

Academic Results (if you are going to America): GCSE:
Maths - C
English lit - C
English Lang - C 
Science - D
Catering - C
P.E - C
Business - C
ECDL - Dinstiction*

Position: RB, CB,

Twitter: Ashnie355

Football Reference: Dave Wild

Football Reference Number: 07818707851

Character Reference: Daanish Rizwan

Character Reference Number: 07784673984

Ashnie 2.jpg