Ben Wilks

I see myself at my best as an attacking player. I'm at my best when dribbling with the ball at defenders. I have good agility and ball control when dribbling and a good burst of pace. As a winger I find my aim is to beat the defender and get a good cross in the box, being left footed on the right wing I get in swinging crosses that defenders find hard to deal with. In addition to this, I see myself as a technical player who can receive from the ball from the center backs in the enter of the field, here I can link up with the other players.
At my last professional combine I was told to play left back, here my physical attributes helped me, my speed, size and athleticism helped my team defensively. I was very confident on the ball and made many good positive passes to our centre midfielders or forwards. As a natural attacking player I also went forward to, here I would make over lapping runs and cross balls into the box.

SAT Result: Maths: Grade F. English: Grade E.

Nationality: British

DOB: 09/09/1992

Previous Clubs: 

Bromley FC youth team (2009-2011)
Leatherhead Reserves (2011)
Badshot Lea First Team (2012)
Tennessee Wesleyan College (2012-2016)
Chicago Inferno PDL (2014)
Knoxville Force (2015)

Current Clubs: N/A

Drivers License: No


GCSE, BTEC, Graduate

Position: LM/RM/LB

Football Reference: Stephen Lyons

Football Reference Number: +19137101415



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