Callum Scott

About Yourself.
When describing my self as a player i would say that my strengths are definitely playing on the should of the last defender and using my movement and making runs to have the ball played through the defence where i can then use the pace that i have to get to the ball and score. I would also say that my work rate is a massive part to my game as a striker because i always put a lot of pressure on any defenders to try and force the defender to make a mistake where i will then use my pace to become in charge of the situation. As a player i am a big fan of having a high work rate and closing players down as well as making runs because in my opinion this allows me to get the amount of chances that i do in a game situation. i would say that i play best when i have a lot of support and balls played in around me from my team mates because my pace and composure is most effective when i get the supply from my team mates. describing my self as a player i would also mention that my attitude and commitment to a team is massive because i will always try my best no matter what game it is in and this allow me not to get intimidated by any opposite player and i will keep putting them under pressure. overall as a player i would say that i am a goal scorer who gets my goals from using pace to get an extra yard on the defender but i am best at sniffing out chances in and around the box that other people would be slow to react to.

Previous Clubs.
I have had various clubs at Sunday league level but i was also at Manchester united satellite school for 2 months. I have also had many trials and trial games for Oldham Athletic FC and Fleetwood Town FC.

Current Clubs.
Stockport County FC (youth/ reserves).

Preferred Position.
Right Midfield, Left Midfield, Forward.



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Football Reference.
Alan Lord.

Football Reference Number.

Character Reference.
Jacci Cooper.

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