Carlos José Hernández González

You as a player:
I am a fast player, technically really good in my left leg and one of the most value quality is my ability in the attack game of the team from left back. I love attack space over left wing and I am able to do really good deliveries to the area and passes of long distance. 

Have I said, I love joining in attack game of the team so I need to play with good team work to protect my back when I have just attacked. 

I consider I am strong in the air and tactically aware but I get used to play a combinative game over floor.

SAT Result:

Nationality: Española

DOB: 4/8/1994

Previous Clubs: Under 18
From 6 to 13 years old: Reale Juventud Laguna ( Tenerife, Spain)
From 13 to 17 years old: Club Deportivo Tenerife (Tenerife, Spain) 

2011/2012/2013: Club Deportivo San Jerónimo- 6th League of Spain - (Tenerife, Spain) 
2013/2014: Club Deportivo Vera- 4th League of Spain- (Tenerife, Spain) 
2013/2014: Club Deportivo Punta del Hidalgo- 6th League of Spain - (Tenerife, Spain) 
2014/2015/2016: Club Deportivo Esperanza- 5th League of Spain - (Tenerife, Spain) 
2016/2017:Peacehaven & Telscombe Football Club- Sussex Premier Division - (Sussex, UK)
2017/2018: Club Deportivo Arguijón- 6th League of Spain- (Tenerife, Spain). 

Others I have played 3 times in the state team of Canary Island. 
I participated in the tournament of FA CUP and FA CUP VASE.

Current Clubs: Club Deportivo Arguijón

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: BTEC

Position: RB, LF, RM, LM, CM