Casey Clark

You as a player: I have given much of my life to the sport I love. I know how to follow but have taken on many leadership roles throughout my career. I know that I may not always be the most talented player on the pitch but I feel I have made it this far in my career because I am willing to outwork the competition. I understand the mental and physical dedication that is needed to be great at something. When I want something I dedicate everything I have to obtaining it. I thrive on competition and love pressure. I can't wait to impact a club in a positive manner in any role that is needed. 

Nomads Goalie Wars Champion 2011
NorCal cup state champion 2011
MVP California TISL
In the NorCal Premier division until college
recruited by Cal Poly SLO- CSUS Stan State - Concordia Portland, Or. 
Starting freshman Goalkeeper at Doane college 2012
3 year captain at Doane College
6 time GPAC defense player of the week
National defensive player of the week in 2014 season
Team MVP senior season
Played with Lane United FC PDL team in summer of 2014
Played with Saint Louis Lions PDL Team summers of 2015 and 2016
teams player of the week during 2015 season at Lions

Nationality: American

DOB: 12/27/1993

Previous Clubs: Lane United FC
Saint Louis Lions

Current Clubs: Saint Louis Lions

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: Undergraduate

Position: GK

Football Reference: Tony Glavin

Football Reference Number: 3142772824

Character Reference: Dave de Hart

Character Reference Number: 8183951221

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