Chad Bowen Smith

About Yourself: I'm a 6'4 center back who will do everything to win a challenge especially in the air. I enjoy having the ball at my feet and don't get nervous when pressured with the ball. I like to try and keep possession as a team but I can also play direct if needed. My first look is usually forward to see if I can release my forwards as I have a good ping. I am very vocal and believe communication from everyone is a major key in creating a strong and organized team. I play for clean sheets and there is no better feeling than that.

Previous Clubs.
The Villages SC 2016
South Florida Surf 2017
LA Galaxy OC PSC 2018

Current Clubs: Methodist University 2014-2018

Preferred Position: CB

D.O.B: 9/16/1995

Nationality: American

Drivers License: Yes

Football Reference.

Character Reference:Simon DeeleyJustin Terranova

Character Reference Number: +19103912879

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