Name: Charlie Peacock

You as a player: I like to lead by example this is on and of the pitch I work hard and try to improve myself as a player. To me you learn something new everyday and I believe that no matter how good of a player you are there is always room for improvement something new to take on board something you can learn and improve on so I try my best to work on my weaknesses and strengths. I have a very good attitude,well disciplined and have respect for my team mates and opposition and others to try be the best professional I can. As a player I'm very passionate about the game and work hard through out. I'm comfortable with the ball on either foot I love to run at players and take risks to win the game I am a team player and work hard for my team giving it my all to be the best. To me football is everything I love everything about it ever since I was young Iv always wonted to be a professional who is willing to do anything to make that happen and believe it will happen.

SAT Result: English D maths E

Nationality: British

DOB: 12/13/1997

Previous Clubs: St valliers under 13

Bristol manour farm

Current Clubs: Bristol academy

Drivers License: No

Checkbox: BTEC

Position: RM, CM, FW


Football Reference: Simon McDaid

Football Reference Number: 07837773479

Character Reference: Simon Payne

Character Reference Number: 07974771410



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