Chris Brown

You as a player: I am a young player who is confident playing with both my left and right foot. My preferred positions are right back or right midfield, but I can play in centre defence/midfield. I am confident with pushing forward to attack. I feel my speciality is long range passes, I can accurately deliver a pass and judge the run of the player. I will keep running for whole 90 minutes, I believe working hard in the gym and in training is key!

Nationality: British

DOB: 12/20/1991

Previous Clubs: 

Staddiscombe colts 1st 2006-2009

Roborough 2012-2013

Current Clubs: St Dominic 2013-2015

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: "GCSE"

Position: "RB", "CB", "RM"

Football Reference: Gary Hammond

Football Reference Number: 

Character Reference: Louis Craig

Character Reference Number: 07828168210

Trials: White hart lane sports centre 14 June 2015

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