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Chris Mendez

Me as a player:

The Team comes first. I am a player that has been coached with a team emphasis. If I lose the ball, I immediately work to win the ball back. I play with the mentality on how best I can support my teammates.

As a soccer player, my greatest strength is my ability to have field awareness and stamina to maintain a high work-rate. These two attributes combine to allow me to constantly stay in motion, both offensively and defensively, while keeping awareness of everyone around me. Another strength is my ability to move the ball. Within my passing ability, I excel in playing long passes; whether they be driven balls or field switches.

Defensively, I am very reliable. My ability to time and out-jump opponents has led to great success in winning balls out of the air, while standing I am 5ft 11in tall. When defending, I am very good at breaking down to get touch tight to my attacker while forcing them to make a decision, and in doing so, allows me to win the ball or stop the opponent the majority of the time.

Athletically, I am driven to constantly improve my game. Every day is a day to become better, and I strive toward improvement physically, tactically, technically and intelligently to make myself a complete athlete. This constant drive allows me to be disciplined in my focus to work towards my goal. From this mindset, I have been able to push my body. Currently, I possess a 25in vertical leap while my top speed maxes out at 21mph.

Nationality: American, Mexican passport eligible / Italian passport eligible

DOB: 11/13/1994 

Previous Clubs: Darien Dynamo Soccer Club, Downers Grove Road Runners Soccer Club, Woodridge Storm Soccer Club, University of Iowa Hawkeyes, Texas United FC

Current club: Aurora Borealis SC

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree – B.A. Spanish, International Relations Minor

Position: RB, LB, LM, RM

Twitter: @CMendy25

Football Reference: Brett Suhayda, +1-6303068064,

Character Reference: Chase Harris, +1 (630) 986-8482