Connor Bass

About Yourself.

I am a confident midfielder with the ability to read the game. I'm very energetic and hard working, always pressing the ball trying to win possession. My strongest assets are my passing both short and long, I can play first time quick and sharp or I can settle on the ball and keep possession. I am calm and composed when on the ball and can get out of tight situation with trickery and fast feet. my long passing is direct and accurate often get strikers/wingers in behind the opposing defence. Another element to my game is my attacking play, once I have broken down play in midfield, I can change defence into attack with a precise pass or quick dribbling and get into the box to finish it off. I also see myself as a leader, informing and encourage other players on the pitch and making sure everyone is doing their job.

Previous Clubs.
Signol Athletic
Hyde United Tigers
Macclesfield FC youth team
Manchester Central

Maine Road FC

Current Clubs.
Stockport Town

Preferred Position.
Centre Midfield 



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