Cristian Criado Gonzalez

You as a player: -I define myself as a very good and versatile player who can act by band and side (WHAT IS DENOMINED CARRILERO).
My best quality is the speed and overflow by band attacking the goal and whenever I can finish playing putting a goal.
Defensively when I play from the side I get the ball from behind played and I go to the court. Other facets in which I highlight a lot is in goal assists by putting faults as corners or making changes of orientation.
I am a player who lives from the touch and association and I like to offer myself to get the ball played either from the back of the side or up offering me by the band. In short I am a technical speed player with pass vision and touch with good physical and mental endurance.

-I await your news as soon as possible and give me the opportunity to show you everything I have said and written on my profile.

Nationality: SPAIN

DOB: 3/15/1993

Previous Clubs: CD. SAN MARTIN.

Current Clubs: CD.ABETXUKO

Drivers License: No

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position: RB, LM, FW

Football Reference: RAFA SOUSA

Football Reference Number: 945358656

Character Reference: RAFA SOUSA

Character Reference Number: 945358656