Damion Patterson

As a player I am a very hardworking attack minded competitive fullback who is also very versatile. Having to play center back, center defensive mid and left back, but primarily right back through out my college career. I am a team player with the main goal of winning and will do anything to win. With the understanding to compete every time stepping on the field. I tend to lead vocally but my work rate is what stands out the most. I take pride in being a fit and technical player with great vision and defending as a whole, individual defending and team defending. Having played soccer in Germany for most of my life I love being on a team that likes to posses the ball but also know there are different ways to play football, so I am very adaptable to different tactics and styles. Last but not least I want to become the best player I can be so I am always ready to learn more.

Nationality: USA

Name of Parent or Guardian: Pamela Patterson

DOB: 19/08/1994

Previous Clubs: 

Columbia International University

Youth Clubs:
FT Kirchheim (Germany)
TSV Handschuhsheim (Germany)
Discovery Soccer Club

Current Clubs: N/A

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: Undergraduate

Position: RB, CB, CM

Football Reference: Andrew Richards

Football Reference Number: +18036090362

Character Reference: Andrew Richards



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