Daniel Baumgartner

You as a player: I am a hard-working leader on the pitch with a good eye for the game defensively. I am able to read plays as they develop which allows me to anticipate the opponents next move and allowing me to get into a position to either intercept a pass, press the man effectively, or stop a developing attack. My ability in the air is something special for a player of my height, I am able to read the flight path of the ball and time my headers to win 50/50 battles in the air. I am a player who is able to regain possession of the ball for my team and be able to maintain possession. My fitness and my work-ethic are two stand-outs in my performance on the pitch. I am able to go the full length of the pitch for the full 90 and more. I believe that every team needs a player to be the engine of the team, and I believe I am that player in the middle of the pitch.

SAT Result:

Nationality:  American

DOB: 11/20/1998

Previous Clubs: Coyotes FC (2018)

2017: L.A. Wolves (UPSL 4th Division US)
2017: Baltimore Kings Pro Team (Independent Professional) / Baltimore Kings U-23 (Independent Semi-Professional)
2016-2017: University of Hawai'i at Hilo (DII)
2010-2016: Inland Empire Surf SC
Current Clubs: High Desert Elite / National Premier Soccer League (NPSL)
Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position: RB, RM, CM

Football Reference: Josh Danza

Football Reference Number: 4104992107

Character Reference: Caleb Calvert

Character Reference Number: 7607132499