Daniel Filipe

You as a player: 

Extemely hard-working diverse player with quality experience in significant and relevant football countries.
Disciplined and positive team player with strong technical ability.
Motivated individual with a drive for collective prosperity.
Persistent and intelligent footballer with pace that provides a creative outlet for the team.
Coachable and respectable player that knows his role and performs consistently day in day out.
Versitile with ability to play numerous positions accurately.
Humble with a willing to listen and learn attitude.


Nationality: Canadian/Portugese

DOB: 6/3/1992

Previous Clubs: 

1996-1999 Clarkson Soccer Club
2000-2004 GD Beira Mar- Portugal
2006 Mississauga Eagles/Erin Mills SC- Advanced Development Program
2007 Manchester United Football Club - Academy Camp
2008-2009 Caledon Soccer Club
2011 CF Valencia – Junior- Training/Tournament
2010- 2012 International FC (UEFA- Serie A Junior Professional Training)
2012 USD Bianco/A.S.D Barletta 1922- Italia
2013 CA All Boys- Argentina
2015- 2016 Minas Boca Futebol LTDA- Brasil
2016 Brampton City United- Canadá
2016-2017 FC Pedras Rubras- Portugal

Current Clubs: N/A

Drivers License: Yes

Position:  RB, LF, RM, LM, FW

Football Reference: Washington Alves

Football Reference Number: 965026645

Character Reference: Donovan Rodrigues

Character Reference Number: 9059975093

Qualifications: GCSE