You as a player: Calm on the ball, can play with both feet, great leadership and presence in the back. Can play multiple positions/versatile, can pass balls short and long, great awareness and good on intercepting the ball within play and when defending against opposition. Athletic and quick and able to be on pace and be faster than oppositions attackers. Full of heart, determination and good attitude along with always wanting to learn and develop. I give my all every game and leave everything on the field. Good control of the ball and good first touch as well, good vision and good view of the entire pitch and where my players are. Patient when defending and always mentally making crucial decisions on the pitch. Very vocal and leader in the back always doing my best to organise the back and the whole team when we defend. Do really well on the attacking end as well like finishing both with headers and shots from both feet. Creative on the ball and decision making when going forward and when defending. Always listening to advice and feedback from coaches and always willing to learn and develop my game to get better every day. Love working together as a team and working towards the common goal.

Nationality: USA/Bosnian

DOB: 9/14/1996

Previous Clubs: Everton FC/St.Pete Raiders
Triggers FC(ESTA Soccer)
Northeast High School Soccer
Davenport University (MI) NCAA 2
Trained and coached by Martin O’Conner (Former EPL Player)
Trained and coached by David Irving

Current Clubs: Un-Attached

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position:  RB, CB, CM

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Football Reference Number:

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Edis Maric