Eoin O'Donovan

You as a player: Comfortable and composed on the ball with the ability to find a forward pass. Accomplished and committed attacker who registers no thoughts of failing while taking on a player. Strong with 1v1 defending. Able to pick a long range pass effectively. High work rate, Never give less than 110%. 
Enthusiastic trainer who continually seeks to develop and improve in all aspects of my game.
My aim is to find an environment in which I can continue to develop as a player and to reach my ultimate goal of being a professional football player.

SAT Result: 1488

Nationality: irish

DOB: 4/29/1995

Previous Clubs: Rockmount AFC, Cobh Ramblers, Mayfield AFC

Current Clubs: Longwood Mens Soccer

Drivers License: No

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Academic Results (if you are going to America): 2.91- GPA

Position: LF, LM, FW

Twitter: eoinodonovan95

Football Reference: Jon Atkinson

Football Reference Number: 4343904912

Character Reference: Steven Maginnis

Character Reference Number: 4702229535

Trials: Glasgow Celtic, Cork City, Ireland national team

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