Federico Diaz

You as a player: I am a 24-year-old football player. Predominately a fullback, but can also play across the backline even as a Centre back . A proven leader both on and off the pitch. My professional attitude and hard work ethic towards training ensures I keep my body in the optimum condition during the season and throughout the off season.

Nationality: American/Uruguayan

DOB: 7/25/1992

Previous Clubs: * 2013 Empoli Fc ACADEMY (ISM )

* 2014 Attended invitational trials of Jacksonville Armada Fc(NASL US 2nd Division).

* 2015 Played for Jersey Blues FC In the NPSL , Played for Delaware Copperheads Of ASL professional league

* 2016 Australian club Wolves FC , transferred over for last few months of season too Brisbane Force FC

Current Clubs: Currently A free agent ,Currently On trial With Baltimore Kings SC (Independent pro club)

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: Undergraduate

Position: RB, CB, RM

Twitter: Fede_Diaz8

Football Reference: Dave Setic

Football Reference Number: 0407360302

Character Reference: Dave Setic

Character Reference Number: 0407360302

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