Fernando Navarro

You as a player: My nick name as a player is Melo or Carmelo, as my father, he played for Cádiz, Betis and Salamanca, all of them in First Division here in Spain during 11-14 years. Even of that, he never tried to talk with anyone to make me a football player. I started to play football with 4 or 5 years in my school, but i used to practise other sports as Basketball, Pádel, Tennis or Karate. As you can see, I like sports since I started to walk, but i didn´t start to play soccer since I was 12 years old.

A classmate started to play on a team in my city, he called me to try playing soccer 11, because at school we only played in futsal. I had bad luck with the injuries because skiing I had a crack in the vertebra skiing, I had some sprains because I grew a lot in a short time, and ended up breaking my ankle playing basketball in the league of my city. Since that injury, I decided to leave the other sports and I focused on football, I played 2 good years of youth in the team in my city (El Puerto de Santa María), and some clubs like Betis or Sevilla took an interest in me, Came to see me because I played with older people and stood out. I did not like the idea of changing cities and I played 2 years as a central defender for the team in my city, here in Spain are 3 years of youth, I was 18 and it was my last year as a youth, and they called my team to register By the Cadiz CF, in the best category of juveniles. I talked to my parents and it seemed a good idea, that year we played against Sevilla, Betis, Malaga, Cordoba... the best teams in Andalusia, and only 2 qualified for the Copa del Rey where we would play against Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Villarreal, etc. And despite having made a good championship, we were 4 to 2 points to qualify, but it was impressive equally. I played 30/34 matches, all starting and enjoying as a child. That year I played center fielder, I measured 1.92 and the coach wanted to cut everything from above and below. But it was also a tough year, because I started university studies, and I had classes from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., I came home and at 4.30 p.m. until 8.30 p.m. I was away from home. , And we also train Saturdays in the morning, in addition to parties on Sundays. In spite of this, I never missed class or training, I liked what I did. When I finished the year I had to decide because the difficulty of classes and football increased, and although I was offered to renew for 3 years, but I returned to the team in my city. There were my friends, closer to the University and had more time to study. Since then I have played in that team, when I returned from Cadiz we were 2 years in 3rd division here in Spain, after 1st, 2nd and 2nd B.

After these 2 years, the team due to financial problems disappeared, and had to start from the Last division, I was called several team of the same category but I decided to leave the professional football 1 year, I went from Erasmus to Poland to finish the race. On my return, I was called again, but I started the master's degree and decided to play in a category less than I was, in a team near my city and since we only train three times a week, I could combine it with the studies. We ascended that year, played as a striker midway through the season because being central defender, he had only 3 goals less than the striker of the team, and had the bad luck that broke the knee. These last 2 years I have returned to the equipment of my city, and I have helped that they ascend 2 consecutive years, since I am working and could train almost nothing.

Therefore, I consider myself a multipurpose player, sacrificed and very hardworking, I love teamwork and coexistence, I am very motivating, I practically take the whole game screaming giving encouragement to my teammates, that whenever they fail they do not sit Wrong, on the contrary, that they try again.

I go very well head, I usually get many corners or side kicks, and I like to play the ball. I do not like fights, and I always listen to what the coach says, I'm a fighter and I think nothing is impossible. You have to know how to listen because you always learn new things, especially from the elderly than you. I am Graduate in Accounting and Finance and I have to finish the final work to have the Master in Financial Direction.

Nationality: Spanish

DOB: 5/31/1992

Previous Clubs: La Salle
Racing Club Portuense
Cádiz C.F.
U.D. Roteña

Current Clubs: Recreativo Portuense (new club when Racing Club Portuense dissapeared)

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: Undergraduate

Position: CB, CM, FW

Football Reference: Antonio Flor

Football Reference Number: 619254803

Character Reference: Carlos Camacho

Character Reference Number: 661720029

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