You as a player: I have played center midfield my whole life, I normally play in the holding midfield roll or box-to-box position, (6/8). I believe my passing ability is my strongest point, and received all-conference awards in college playing as the deepest center mid. I enjoy linking the play together and dictating the flow of the game. However, I also enjoy breaking up the play and protecting my teams back four. I captained my college team and my PDL team in America so I have experience being a leader and organizing the team. I enjoy moving the ball quickly and limiting touches, but when the time is right I believe I have the assets to dribble past opposing players and create opportunities for my teammates. I took all set-pieces in college and PDL and ranked 3rd on the all time assist chart.

Nationality:  Scottish

DOB: 10/12/1995

Previous Clubs: Eyemouth Juniors, Hutchison Vale Boys Club, Coldstream FC (senior, semi-pro), Culver-Stockton College (NAIA), St. Louis Lions (PDL)

Current Clubs: St. Louis Lions (PDL), St. Louis Maritsa (UPSL)
Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position:  RM, CM, RB

Football Reference: Blake Ordell

Football Reference Number:5864191038

Character Reference: Jacob Cawsey

Character Reference Number: 7195512721

Greg McCrudden