You as a player: To describe myself in short I would say I am an extremely hardworking and committed person both on and off the field who is always looking for ways to improve and learn constantly as a footballer.

I would personally describe my playing style as a modern day goalkeeper with an empathises on keeping possession and starting attacks alongside the traditional goalkeeping ways of 'keep the ball out of the net at all costs'. My biggest asset as a player is that I am a key communicator and a natural leader both on and off the field. I take responsibility of the defensive shape, relaying information to teammates and motivate teammates during games. Alongside this, my ability with my feet to play either short, clip balls into full back areas or hit long for strikers or wingers is something that is quickly recognised and often a massive focal point of my game.

I pride myself on my decision making whether that's coming out to sweep balls that pass my back line or understanding when the game needs to be slowed down to benefit my team. At 6'2 (188cm) I would say I make smart calculated decisions on whether to come out and collect crosses or retreat back to my line to prepare for a save. An ability to make saves when called upon is a massive part to any goalkeepers game and I'm not exclusion, I have a love and passion for making saves and keeping clean sheets.

Nationality: British


Previous Clubs: Sittingbourne FC
Whitstable Town FC
Crockenhill FC (Loan)
Ebbsfleet United

Current Clubs: Volda TI

Drivers License: Yes


Position: GK

Football Reference: Lars-Petter Rønnestad

Football Reference Number: 4745974360

Character Reference: Luke Smith

Character Reference Number: 0752232331

Harry Brooks