You as a player: "Technically gifted central midfielder who can dictate the speed of a game with ease” - Mark Evans in a match programme 2017. I am a versatile player which is proven by playing every position on the pitch bar goalkeeper in the last season. Hugely motivated and driven, losing Does not come naturally nor will I let it happen lightly. My favourite position is an attacking midfielder as I like the free style to break lines and find that final ball if not taking a strike from 30 yards as I have a reasonably strong shot. Can always play the diagonal ball from deep if I playing defensive midfield and always willing to box to box in that transition from defensive to attack and vice Versa! My favourite style of play has always been based on two touch, pass and move. I will put my body on the line for my team and find loyalty with any manager willing to give me the chance. I like to train and play as professionally as possible, no half measures. Communication is a key aspect of my game and is always the easiest skill to creating an easy playing environment

Nationality: Australian

DOB: 10/08/1998

Previous Clubs: Torquay United FC, Bath City, Radstock town, Frome Town, Swindon Elite Development. 

Current Clubs: Warminster Town FC

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: "GCSE"

Position: CM

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