James Craig 

You as a player: Hard-working, good pace, strong in a tackle, strong 1 v 1, up and down defender, good header of the ball, high positional awareness, good touch, able to use both feet, strong and fit, intelligent on and off the pitch, confident, authoritative and a captain, good attitude, play-maker (when pushed up), aggressive, leader, confident playing out of the back, strong short quick passes, good long balls, strong crosses in, comfortable playing wingback or in different formations, able to clear the ball with both feet, good jumping ability, explosive, composure on the ball, overlaps well/makes good runs, can put strikes on goal (and score) if given the opportunity (from a distance or from short range), crafty, can stay in front of attackers, and quality.

Nationality: American 

Position: RB, LF, 

DOB: 10/24/1994

Previous Clubs: Bassett High School, Piedmont Hurricanes, EMU (College), UNCW Club soccer, PSC Ltd

Current Clubs: PHCC

Drivers License: Yes

Academics: Undergraduate 


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