Jamie Heron 

About Yourself: A wide attacking player who loves to get on the ball and run at defenders. I like to come off my shape and receive the ball infield when possible, allowing my fullback to get advanced and create a 2v1 situation. I like to get the ball in the box for my attacking teammates and also like to get myself in the box to score goals as well set them up. I use my pace and skill to retain possession and love to play on the floor, pass and move football. With me having years of experience training and playing at a high level in youth team professional academies, I have been exposed to great coaching and also experiences which have helped me to develop not only my football but my life experiences. As a young experienced player i know I have the attributes to help any team I play for.

Previous Clubs:

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Tranmere Rovers Centre of Excellence (U14- U16)

Tranmere Rovers Youth team (U16-U18)

Current Club:

Tranmere Rovers first team (squad number)"    Tranmere Rovers YT

Preferred Position:
 Right Midfield / Left Midfield / Striker


Academic Grades: 



Driving License: