Jay Younger

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You as a player: 
Jay’s coach from a young age…

Jay has been and continues to be a coach’s dream, a credit to both himself and his family.
Head and shoulders not only in height but in commitment, drive and dedication. Jay would never miss a training / coaching session unless it was for academic reasons, testament to his understanding that he would require both sporting and academic qualifications to cement his drive towards his personal goals, both on and off the pitch. Health conscious and with a high level of personal fitness add to his overall skill-set, something Jay prides himself on, as he knows that he needs to be at peak fitness levels for each and every game. An intelligent individual off the field Jay has the ability to take that quick thinking onto the soccer field providing not only skill but the intelligence that assists not only his own game but that of his team-mates, a value I hold high within my own coaching philosophy.

Teamwork - Intelligent individual who works hard on team discipline, on the coaching field, that he then takes onto the park. Positioning is good, requires development with additional, repetitive sessions where current circumstances do not allow 4 to 5 sessions per week. 
From an organisational perspective Jay will lead as and when required, support the team when results are not as they should be. Does become frustrated when things do not go to plan however another strength with Jay is that he works through this with his peers. 

Technique - Jay is 6”+ but for such a tall player his close ball control, first touch and ability to keep the ball moving when it is played into his feet is excellent. Quick feet allow him to see that pass. To complement his abilities Jay would request 1 on 1 sessions for specific disciplines, these included Centre Forward / finishing sessions and both individual and group sessions of SAQ (Speed, Agility & Quickness). Always looking to improve his technique.

Passing - One of Jay’s better qualities but one that can be further improved. Short passing is quick and precise but requires repetition…short drills delivered with intensity, this will help Jay concentrate at a higher level. Long passing is excellent but Jay tends not to deliver these on a regular basis…maybe he selects the right pass at the right time!

Speed - (Physical) Jay is quick for a tall lad, moves around the pitch with ease, and has improved his speed off the mark with his SAQ drills. With continued SAQ work Jay will certainly benefit. 
(Though) Jay thinks quickly, sometimes the thought process was / is ahead of the physical action leading to ball retention percentages not being where they could be, but still high if measured against his peers. However as previously stated an intelligent, quick thinking individual who will benefit from playing alongside quality individuals, a higher level of team-mates.

Tackling - Jay went through quite a growth spurt during his teenage years with his strength being a particular area affected. Jay countered that with his intelligence and quick feet, adapting where necessary as well as looking to learn & ask questions of me and other coaches, as to how he could improve this. As time has progressed Jay’s strength has risen considerably. With continued structured visits to the gym this will keep him on track building his frame in the appropriate areas.

Heading - When required puts his head in but of the areas for improvement this is an area where Jay should look to work on. As a centre forward, which is both Jay’s preferred position as well as my personal opinion based upon Jay goal-scoring record at all levels, junior, youth and senior teams, headed goals is a low percentage. On defensive duties Jay will again put his head in, more so, as the number of occurrences far outweigh the forward offensive occurrences. No issues with the timing it is the accuracy where the improvement is required. 

Off the Ball Work - A team player who will defend from the front, listens to instruction, in-play as well as during coaching drills. Takes instructions into the game and follows them when required. 

An individual who has a thirst to learn, improve and will always ask questions as to preferred ways of taking his skills and technique up through the levels. Areas where improvement is required but I can honestly state that jay has the willingness to get better and adopts a continuous improvement methodology.

I could not put forward a stronger candidate for any professional trial, offer of a scholarship or any other soccer playing role than Jay, which includes players past and present, junior, youth or any senior players I have coached. 

Yours in Sport
Dave Lewis
FA / UEFA Qualified (FAN: 51672520)
SAQ Qualified Trainer

SAT Result: reading= 480. Math= 350. writing=440

*Transfer student from Junior College -

Nationality: English

Physical: 6ft 5inch height

DOB: 1/6/1998

Previous Clubs: Cramlington Juniors
Wallsend Boys club
Blyth Rangers
Newcastle City
Darlington football club
Trial at Chesterfield which was against the Nike Academy. Was asked to go back for a second trial but felt American education and college sport was the best suited option for me. 
Northwest Junior college

Current Clubs: Shankhouse football club
The Brockwell Seam

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: GCSE, A Level, BTEC

Academic Results (if you are going to America): Northwest College (Junior College)
I finished my Junior college with an cumulative GPA of 3.1453

Position: FW

Football Reference: dave lewis

Football Reference Number:

Character Reference: Dave Lewis

Character Reference Number: 07814790650

Played in a trial game against the Nike academy at St George's park
Went on a 10 day trial to Wingate University in North Carolina