Joe Macari

You as a player: I have been playing football since I was about 6. I love playing football it means everything to me. I am very passionate about football and winning especially. I can change my game to adapt to the game when needed.
I am a quick player with skills when needed to take on players, I can play upfront on the wing in midfield, I am quite an utility player but my best positions are upfront and on the wings. I can play with both feet and on both wings. I have very good passing. Also very good at taking corners and also free kicks. I am a very good team player. 

Nationality: British
DOB: 9/27/1998

Previous Clubs: Lancaster city youth 8-16 years old
Morecambe development 12-16 years old
Carnforth Rangers U17's

Current Clubs: Lancaster and Morecambe college academy
Carnforth Rangers first team men's

Drivers License: No

Checkbox: GCSE, BTEC

Position: RM, LM, FW

Twitter: Joemacari98

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