John-Michael Villarreal

You as a player:
I am hardworking and always with a winning mentality.
My desire to grow as a player inspires me to be open to all opinions, making me very coachable.
I'm a very confident player who likes to have the ball at his feet. I grew up with a Latin style of football which translates to the field with my accurate passes of varying distances. I'm quick, fast, and agile which allows me to exploit my opponents weaknesses. My technical ability is what separates me from other players as I take care of the ball and rarely lose it. I thrive in 1v1 and even 1v2 situations where I can can take players use my technical ability and skills to create space and goal scoring opportunities. 
I can easily fit into any team as I'm always looking to improve which makes me very coachable.
Technically I believe myself as creative and consistent, but I am always wanting to improve my technique and ability. 
I hate to lose and I hate to quit. Therefore, I will give my all in training and matches to win and get better.
I can speak English and Spanish on the pitch to my teammates.
I am a player who takes my recovery very seriously and I make it a priority in my life and career. 
Aside from a hardworking individual, I am a good teammate who will support the players around me.

United States of America


Previous Clubs:
Classics Elite (USSF Academy Team)
St. Mary's University (NCAA)
West Virginia Chaos (PDL)

Current Clubs:
St. Mary's University

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Football Reference:
Matt Barnes

Football Reference Number:

Character Reference:
Germain Singa-Craddock

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