Jonathan Forsberg


You as a player: Strengths: Im really good at passing, dribbling, heading and tracking. These are my key strengths. I also have a very good control in midfield and I guide my teammates the best I can. Im pretty tall and strong, I stand at around 190 cm. Im always focused and willing to learn constantly. I have plenty of strong sides such as concentration, awarness and resilence.

Nationality: Swedish

DOB: 5/30/2000

Previous Clubs: Rynninge IK
Bk Forward
IK Sturehov
Örebro SK
Örebro Syrianska

Current Clubs: Örebro Syrianska

Drivers License: No

Qualifications: GCSE, A Level

Academic Results (if you are going to America):

Position: RM, LM, CM


Football Reference: Barsaum Cicek

Football Reference Number: 46704903124

Character Reference: Seydou Bahngoura

Character Reference Number: 46704767780