Jonny Salgado

You as a player: Very versatile, quick, aggressive, creative, smart attacking midfieler who can play with both feet & switch the play of attack, control the tempo of the game, & can change the game. Has the tiki-taka style of play but can switch & pin point a pass anywhere on the pitch. In addition to that I also consider myself a box to box player that works to get the ball back, battles every tackle, & challenges every ball & that can play anywhere in the midfield (preferably #10).

SAT Result: 1010

Academic results: GED

Nationality: American/Mexican/Honduran

DOB: 3/5/1997

Previous Clubs: Eastern Florida State College -2016
Chivas Florida Academy u18-u23
Clearwater Chargers Academy u16-18
Current Clubs: Free agent
Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position: RM, LM, CM

Football Reference: Thurstan Johnson

Football Reference Number: 8135071084

Character Reference: Greg Bever

Character Reference Number: 9415864737