Joshua Choice

You as a player: Reference from a previous coach....
I only had the pleasure of coaching Josh for one year, when he transferred to our Institution from the Division 1 University Winthrop! We had signed Josh to complete his last year of eligibility and also pursue his Master’s degree. It turned out to be a great decision for the program. When looking for graduate students in the recruitment process you try to identify a few key characteristics which make the short-term nature of their tenure worthwhile. Although Josh possessed a number of un-coachable traits that made him a very good player such as; speed, strength, soccer intelligence, and game management, it was his personality, leadership and composure that stood out to us over everything else. As college coaches we need these more mature, calming players in the dressing room and on the field in order to balance a very young dynamic. Josh was also able to match his physical abilities with that of his technical proficiency. Although seemingly unorthodox, his numbers would regularly beat anyone on the field for pass accuracy%, pass completion%, and completion of forward passes%. Averaging 82% across all categories during the season he played for us. As a central defender, Josh possesses one quality over everything else that makes him unique. He rarely has to rely on his physical capabilities to bail him out of trouble. His reading of the game, decision making and intelligence allow him to arrive at almost every ball before and anticipate space better than any striker he comes up against. Josh would be an asset to any team he joins. 

DOB : 11/10/1991

Nationality: African American

Position: CB

Previous clubs: FC Carolina United, Lenoir-Rhyne University, Winthrop University

Current Club : N/A

Drivers Licence: Yes 

Academics: Undergraduate 

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