Joshua Wright

You as a player: As a footballer I am physically very strong in all attributes. My strongest physical attribute is pace; this is why I value myself as a striker or winger as I can outpace defenders effortlessly. My pace was identified as a child and I represented my school in 100 metre races and relays. In Y11 I attended trials for the Liverpool Harriers.
As I footballer I am a powerful player as I can push defenders off the ball and jump very high. My positional sense and knowledge of the game is very good, as I have been playing football at a high level since I was 6 years old.
As a striker I am a lethal finisher and I tend to score many goals in this position, but as a winger I can outpace full backs and I am very willing to get back into position and help out my teammates in the defensive areas.
When I am not in possession of the ball I love a strong old fashioned tackle to win the ball off my opponent, I will only use this type of tackle if needed, other wise I will do a regular standing tackle to retrieve the ball for my team.
I have an outstanding work rate and desire to win the match.
I am a team player and will put 100% effort in for my teammates and manager.

SAT Result: Maths GCSE Grade B, English Language GCSE Grade C

Nationality: British

DOB: 30/11/1998

Previous Clubs: Marshals under 6’s and under 7’s.
Warner Brothers under 8’s
ESP under 9’s,10’s,11’s
Liverpool schoolboys under 11’s
Warner colts under 12’s
AFC Liverpool under 13’s and, 14’s
Evolution under 15’s
Naylorsfield under 16’s

Gilmour junior school team under 8’s, 9’s, 10’s, 11’s
Calderstones secondary school team under 12’s, 13’s, 14’s, 15’s, 16’s

Current Clubs: Elite Academy first team (under 19’s)
Burscough FC youth team

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: BTEC

Position: RM, LM, FW

Twitter: JoshWright3011

Football Reference: Chris Stammers

Football Reference Number: 07720716830

Character Reference: Paul Brannan

Character Reference Number: 07525662177

Trials: Liverpool Trial 24th April 2016 (Skelmersdale)


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