JP Mboyo

You as a player: 


i like to keep the ball as much as i can and when i loose it i like to get back as soon as possible and i like to press high, i dont like loosing i like to win, i respect coaches and i always to them and try to do what they ask me to do i can also play few different positions Like Left B, Left M, Right M, FW and sometimes CM thats depending on who im playing against with.mboyo


Nationality: D.R.C Congo kinshasa

DOB: 1/6/1996

Previous Clubs: Cedar Rapids Rampage

Current Club: Free Agent

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position: LF, LM, LW

Football Reference: chris butikima

Football Reference Number:3153952165

Character Reference: Michael Stewart

Character Reference Number: 12106105407