Kalen Park

You as a player: I am currently the starting left back at the University of New Brunswick. I am 6'1 and I am left footed. I am a natural athlete who is fast and very hard working on and off the field. I am a set piece specialist from the and typically take the corner kicks from the right side. As an aside, i scored the winning goal in the AUS Championship game two years ago directly from a corner kick. I have accuracy and a powerful delivery. Our team has developed a style of play that develops from the back and I have been able to participate in offensive play making notwithstanding that I am the left back. This requires good stamina, field awareness and positioning in order to be aware of offensive opportunities, set up offensive plays, and be able to play offence and then immediately transition to defence.

Our team has historically been very defensive and has allowed less than x goals per regular season in the last x years.

I a the co-captain of our team and believe that I participate in the leadership on the pitch. I work hard and ask others to work hard, I play smart and ask others to play smart. I give it my all and ask others to give their all. 

Nationality: Canadian

DOB: 12/31/1994

Previous Clubs: Chinook soccer
Energie Cottbus
University of New Brunswick
Foothills PDL

Current Clubs: University of New Brunswick

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: Undergraduate Degree

Position: LB, LM, RB, CB, 

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