You as a player: has a player i would say that i am hard working and good at taking in information for example when my football manager ask my to do something i will listen to him because at the end of the day the more information i listen to form my coach and manager the more i become a better player. not only i work hard on the pitch but i work hard off the pitch as well because i feel like if i work hard off the pitch it will build up my confident and my fitness as well.

Nationality: British

DOB: 10/7/1999

Previous Clubs:  Leicester Nirvana Football Club

Current Clubs: Highfield Rangers
Drivers License: No

Qualifications: BTEC

Position:  RB

Football Reference: daniel mcdonald

Football Reference Number: 3300583000

Character Reference: dharmesh rajput

Character Reference Number: 3300583000

kasimu ramazani

Kasimu Ramzani.jpeg