Katelem Ogbuluijah

You as a player:

• Comfortable dribbling with both feet.
• A creative and versatile attacking midfielder with a wide range of passing abilities and both eyes for goal.
• Strong upper body with a bench press one rep max of 70kg
• Skilled in the art of dribbling and never shy to receive the ball, always going forward.
• Interpretation of space.
• Ability to shoot first time off both feet.
• Good ball possession, disciple of the ‘pass and move’ game.
• 60m sprint time of 7.02 seconds

Nationality: Nigerian

DOB: 18/6/1995

Previous Clubs: Folly Lane F.C. (Coventry Alliance Football League) – 2013-2014
Peugeot Millpool F.C. (Coventry Alliance Football League) – 2014-2015
RCCG West Midlands (RCCG Tournament UK) – 2015
Coventry University Men’s Football – 2015 Coventry Copsewood F. C. – 2015 – 2016
Oil F.C. (Lucozade Powerleague Coventry) – 2016 (Champions)
Coventry Copsewood Football Club, 2015 - 2016

Current Clubs: Royal Oaks Football Club (2016-Present)

Drivers License: No

Checkbox: GCSE, A Level, Undergraduate

Position: LM, CM

Football Reference: Emmanuel Opuwari

Football Reference Number: 07564064544

Character Reference: Sean Frank-Peterside

Character Reference Number: 07511711141

Trials: Football CV - Stamford 2015, Bradford 2016, Leicester 2016.
Soccersmart - Birmingham 2016

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